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Case Studies

Alderley Park Energy Centre (APEC) Project
Since 2005, Boulting Group has worked as a key alliance contractor with AstraZeneca to create a single Energy Centre providing the entire AZ Alderley Park Site with a modern, efficient, reliable and environmental source of high pressure hot water, steam and compressed air.
Aquaria Disease Control
A new Fish Veterinary Research Facility was constructed in Aberdeen comprising of an Aquarium and a Suite of containment laboratories for virology and molecular genetics.
CLD Robotics Flexi-Lab
The new laboratory was created as a new robotics suite, an amalgamation of two existing laboratories into one larger area.
Development and Expansion Project, Ethopia
Complete engineering solution for a brewery development and expansion on a newly acquired facility.
Clean Fuels Project
This project concentrated on the upgrade of the hydrotreater to allow the processing of unleaded fuel. The following details highlight the size and scope of this project:
Environmental Fate Facility
Boutling Group completed a wide scope of Mechanical and Electrical services on this ME&I project.
Expansion of Speciality Chemicals Plant
Boulting Group completed a wide scope of Mechanical and Electrical services on this ME&I project.
Film Coating Facility
Boulting Group carried out the complete design and construction of new IS0 6 & 7 cleanrooms within an existing portal-framed building
Heysham 2, Reactor Sea Water Cooling Pipeline System
Replacement of Reactor Sea Water (RSW) cooling pipeline system with HDPE piping for use at EDF Heysham 2 Nuclear Power Station.
Integrated Protein Production and Crystallography Suite
The new facility combined four scientific areas comprising flexible laboratory, x-ray/crystallography, a cold laboratory and a heavy instrument room.
Boulting Group secured the provision of hard engineering services for Invista at Gloucester via bespoke offering specifically designed to meet Invista's requirement.
Large-scale Laboratory
The Boulting Group was asked to supply, fabricate and install stainless steel, carbon, Hastelloy and C22 pipework, and spring hanger-brackets.
Local Sludge Treatment Plant
Installation of a new sludge treatment plant to enable the removal and cleaning of water from a adjacent storage pond.
London Gateway Project
Boulting Group contracted to provide ME&I scope associated with the construction of a new import/export facility.
Manufacturing and Research Laboratories
The first floor of an existing laboratory suite was refurbished to provide a new manufacturing & research facility. The accommodation was designed to house repatriated scientists from various UK locations which presented some unique challenges.
New Processing Plant
Boulting Group undertook the design, installation and commissioning of the control systems for a new milk-processing plant.
Nuclear Facilities Management Contract
Over the term of this contract Boulting Group delivered hard engineering services as part of an ongoing facilities management contract.
Pharmaceutical Facilities Management Contract
Boulting Group successfully secured the facilities management contract for the delivery of hard services across two of the client's major manufacturing and development sites in Cheshire.
Primary Inoculation and Secondary Incubation Facility
The project included the complete design and construction of an entirely new primary inoculation and secondary incubation facility. It was carried out in two phases, with a total project value of £1.5m.
Replacement GMP Receivers
Boulting Group was asked to replace two existing horizontal, non-agitated receivers with new vertical, glass-lined, agitated receivers as part of a GMP improvement project.
Semi-Permanent ILW Storage Facility
The building and civil contract were underway to convert an old sand filter building to a semi-permanent ILW storage facility. To complete the facility, appropriate power distribution systems, building services, instrumentation and protection services we...
Wheat Project
A new plant was required for the separation of wheat into its constituent parts: gluten, starch and bran, which is then refined into glucose for use as a feedstock in the food and beverage industries and in the production of ethanol.
Wound Therapeutics Textile Line
The Boulting Group carried out the complete design and construction of a new IS0 8 cleanroom within an existing portal-framed building.
WwTW at Existing Facility
Expansion of existing WwTW