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MCC Replacement

Boulting have recently completed a control system upgrade project on a Ground Water site in partnership with Mott MacDonald Bentley, the driver for the project was Chemical Cleaning and refurbishment of the existing Boreholes.

During the necessary site shutdowns to facilitate the Chemical cleaning and refurbishment of the Boreholes the client took the opportunity to replace the existing Control Systems.

The Boulting scope of work included the following;

  • MCC Replacement
  • PLC & Remote IO Replacement
  • Data Gatherer PLC
  • Site Commissioning

The new MCC was installed in place of the existing utilising dual supplies and a bus-coupler which allowed the MCC to be installed in two phases limiting the disruption to the sites water supply.

The new MCC which housed pump controls for the three site borehole pumps and two force pumps rated at 130KW and 250KW respectively. The new Borehole PLC system interfaced to the following treatment process on site via the new site Fibre optic Network;

  • UV Disinfection
  • Chlorination & De-chlorination Systems
  • Phosphate Dosing
  • Fluoride Treatment

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