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We all need someone to lean on…

16th July

Boulting recently put Lean principles into practice to create a new office area within one of their key clients’ facilities.

The new area is to house a “Lean Academy”, recently created to support the clients’ drive to build a sustainable, Lean capability. The project carefully reflected the lean principles by significantly reducing waste by reusing existing assets and materials, as well as ensuring the most efficient approach was always taken.

With delegates attending the academy for short intensive periods, the ambiance is key to aid learning. “We introduced a new AI smart lighting system that uses radio frequency, as it intelligently optimises light use only if, when and where required” explained Allan Watson, Contract Manager. “Whilst project planning is always key to the work we do, applying lean principles meant more time was spent planning to ensure we cost effectively reused materials, refurbished elements rather than replaced, utilised our team efficiently and ensured we brought in new sustainable technologies to deliver the design brief”

The resulting office areas are modern, bright and light with the super-efficient lighting scheme complimenting the large amounts of natural light into the academy. With specialist project teams and in house architectural capability, the Boulting Ltd team took the concept designs to reality in a short space of time- just 11 lean weeks!


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