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Boulting answer - What is yellow and dangerous?

20th July

Boulting answer ‘What's yellow and dangerous?'

Boulting had a wonderful opportunity to support Rainford High Technology College in their "What science can do for me?" careers event held at the college at the beginning of July 2015.

The purpose of the event was to give the students the opportunity to explore careers and look at the importance of science in today and tomorrow's workplace.

The event was well supported with a vast array of companies and professionals including; the School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool Craft Beer Company, Patent Attorney, microbiologist, industrial chemist, physicist, pharmacist, geologist tour guide, forensics, nutritionist, midwives, veterinary surgeon, chemistry teacher and lab technician.

Jason Reece represented Boulting and covered the broad spectrum of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering with a thought provoking question. Is custard powder explosive? This was followed by a short video of his children setting light to custard powder in the garden at home and linking this to hazardous dusts and sources of ignition in industry.

‘The students were really engaged and inquisitive with a large number enquiring about Engineering. Hopefully this will form a small piece of the jigsaw in their education and future careers,' concluded Jason Reece


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