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Boulting certified to work offshore on wind farms

20th November

Seven employees from Boulting have successfully completed a GWO accredited offshore wind health and safety survival training course. Completion of the globally recognised training will allow Boulting to expand its operations within the offshore renewable energy sector.

One engineer, five electricians and one supervisor from Boulting undertook the intensive seven-day training course, in which they covered modules in sea survival, first aid, manual handling, fire awareness and working at height and rescue.

Offshore wind is often cited as the future of power and the United Kingdom is leading the way. In September 2017, wind power costs fell to almost half the price of nuclear power. This boom has resulted in a desperate need for qualified engineering firms with the experience to work on such projects.

Boulting, which has a long history of working in the energy sector, including oil, gas and renewables, has always held health and safety at the heart of every operation.

Its commitment to quality, comprehensive training is part of the organisations plan to ensure its impeccable health and safety record continues, despite the challenging environments created by working on offshore facilities.

“As part of our ongoing offshore wind projects, the team are required to stay in offshore accommodation,” explained Derek Ritchie, general manager for Scotland at Boulting.

“This accommodation is provided by a jack up vessel, moored adjacent to the substation platform. The team are required to live in the turbulent, dangerous offshore conditions, working nightshifts on a two week on and one week off rotation.

“Following this training, we are able to provide our wide range of services to both the offshore and onshore portions of the project. For our customers, using the same provider across the board means they will have a smoother, simpler experience throughout construction.”

For more information about the offshore wind health and safety training, or Boulting’s work within the renewables sector visit www.boulting.co.uk

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