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Emissions impossible with Boulting

11th March

Warrington-based Boulting has completed a contract for Land and Marine at a Gas Compressor Station in Lincolnshire, which is part of the gas transmission network.

As part of the Government's emissions control initiative, Land and Marine were commissioned to upgrade and augment the existing gas compressor station.

Boulting scheduled a four-phase project to manage the LV installation, installation of the Control and Instrumentation (C&I), the 132kv installation and the 11 and 33kv installation. Each phase was allocated a specific time scale for completion being 16 weeks, 21 weeks, 7 weeks and 13 weeks respectively.

The LV phaseEmissions impossible with Boulting of work involved the containment, cabling, lighting, small power and installation of free issue and Boulting panels to all containers, buildings and transformer bays within Unit D. In total there was 26,000 metres of cable used. Throughout the LV phase Boulting delivered the highest standard of work and achieved key milestones on time and within budget, standing them in prime position for the award of further phases.

The C&I installation included cabling, sub-containment, installation of panels and junction boxes for all the control and instrumentation and the fire and gas system associated to Unit D. As an addition, Boulting were also asked to relocate a compressor instrument panel, which involved installing a large amount of ½" OD stainless steel pipework.

Emissions impossible with Boulting

Subsequent works on the 132kv project were awarded by the principal contractor and were carried out in partnership with ABB. This phase had the shortest time allowance and comprised the installation of 400mm singles cables from the 132kv transformer to the DNO switchyard, specialist terminations of cables using Pfsterier connectors and sealing ends. Under extremely difficult conditions, Boulting achieved a successful energisation that was on time and within budget.

The final phase of work was the installation of 2300 metres of HV cables to various transformers and HV containers throughout Unit D. All works were again completed within time and budget constraints.

Land and Marine's Site Manager, Kevin Marah said, "The entire site work force and supervision team are a credit to the Boulting. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

The clients Project Supervisor said, "Having worked with numerous electrical contractors over the last 30 years the Boulting team provided the best organised, safety aware, efficient and professional execution of any job I have ever worked on."


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