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First class expansion for a world leading supplier of speciality chemicals

4th August

Winning Bid

The Perstorp Group is a world leader in several sectors of the speciality chemicals market. It has 127 years of experience and now employs approximately 2,700 people across Asia, Europe and North America.

In January 2010 Boulting secured its first contract to develop the manufacturers Warrington unit, which included an expansion of the Caprolactone Monomer and Polymer plants.

Winning Bid

The first contract, which was solely mechanical in nature, was won under fierce competition and estimated to run for a maximum of 14 months, with a potential value of circa £5 million.

On the back of this initial contract, Boulting also went on to secure further Electrical and Instrumentation work across five phases, ultimately equating to an additional value of £1 million.

Mechanical Scope of Services

Mechanical scope included fabrication, much of which took place at Boulting's Mechanical workshop in St Helens, and installation of various columns, pressure vessels, pumps, pipework and instrumentation.

Contracted works were broken down into phases and issued in packages. Initial installation, issued in January 2010, started from 20% design. Works were assessed in order of constructability and issued as design packages. From October 2010 emphasis changed to pre-commissioning/completion phase as advised by the client.

Progress throughout the project was continually monitored and reported back to ensure that the client was kept up to date with developments throughout each phase.

E&I Scope of Services

The Electrical and Instrumentation works were split into phases with each awarded individually. This meant that the E&I team had to estimate and compete for each phase separately, making it very difficult to plan ahead.

Despite the uncertain circumstances and strong competition, Boulting E&I successfully secured and completed the following works:

Phase 1:

Installation of teh main containment system from the switch room to the new Monomer Extension.

Phase 2:

Installation of main power and control cables from the new Monomer switch room.

Phase 3:

Installation of instrumentation cables and containment to field control equipment.

Phase 4 and 5:

Installation of main containment and cabling to the tank and water cooling tower.

Phase 6

Installation of external light fittings, lighting containment and cabling on the tank farm and main monomer structure.

In total the E&I team installed over 55,000mts of cable, 19,000mts of containment, 1,500mts of racking (size raging from 900mm to 1,500mts) and 5,000mts of supporting steel.

Bob McCabe, Mechanical Project Manager, comments : "This was a very trying project for the Boulting team. However, strong teamwork and creative solutions allowed us to build an exceptional relationship with client and complete the works to a high standard."

Brian Brennan, E&I Project Manager concurs: " The Client had a differnt approach to letting contracts than our usual UK Clients, making this a very difficult project to work on. I would personally like to thank everyone that worked on the project, in particular, Andy Crone, Paul Sillett, Paul Radley and Mark Williams."

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