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Lighting Overhaul Improves Running Costs and Reduces Energy Consumption By 50%

22nd March

Boulting's E&I team recently completed works to refurbish the lighting scheme at its Mechanical welding and fabrication facility, replacing the outdated fittings with a new energy efficient Smart lighting scheme.

The old scheme was a combination of twin 8ft fluorescent and sodium vapour luminaries, which was installed over 20 years ago. It provided considerably poor lighting levels and presented very high running costs - a direct consequence of the systems age and difficulties sourcing replacement lamps and spares.

Smart Lighting

A new system was proposed by Boulting's in house Design Team consisting of Thorlux Smart lighting fitted with Smart discreet motion micro pod sensors and supported on Telemecanique Cannalis Bus Bar support systems.

The Thorlux Smart system uses the latest digital technology to provide an effective method of lighting to minimise energy consumption whilst retaining high levels of user comfort.

Smart Lighting

Previously all the lights were left in full operation five days a week. However, the discrete motion sensors monitor presence and ambient light to ensure that the area is only illuminated when occupied and to the correct level. Lux levels can be raised and lowered for each individual light by a hand held controller if required.

Energy Savings

Just by installing the new Smart lighting scheme Boulting will reduce energy consumption by a minimum of 50% for the following reasons:

  • Less fittings required
  • More energy efficient
  • Lights provide more coverage
  • Lights provide 4 x the light levels
  • Prolonged lamp life

Further energy savings will be made by the system automatically dimming lights where excess natural light is detected, and shutting down lights in areas that are not in use, particularly during break times and lunch times.

The works were completed within a four week period, two weeks less than the original programme envisaged and Boulting are now reviewing other facilities to identify opportunities to install similar energy saving schemes.

Energy Savings


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