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Boulting provide a suite of services including the design, installation and inspection of electrical equipment and instrumentation in Hazardous areas.

Compliance to BS EN 60079:17

Boulting have the knowledge base and engineering skills to support our clients to ensure compliance to BS EN 60079:17 2014 standards in the inspections and maintenance of control equipment in explosive atmospheres.

Working in collaboration with an ATEX certifying body we have designed and implemented a secure, paperless, cloud based system for maintenance procedures within hazardous areas.

User friendly interface for EPD

The user friendly app allows full visibility of compliance to hazardous areas inspections and can incorporate radio frequency identity tags making it easy to recall information for each device at the touch of the screen. In addition it provides the ability to easily identify and characterise equipment for a risk based inspection programme.

The system integrates all the documents required to form anExplosive Protection Document (EPD). It can include all area classification documents, risk assessments, equipment certificates, and details of all equipment requiring inspection, frequency of inspection and drawings associated with the equipment in one secure place.

Enhanced reporting and analysis for peace of mind

The software can help identify trends in any faults that may be common to specific manufacturer or model.

To read more about our ATEX Hazardous Area Inspection Software, please download our PDF here.