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  • Control Room

    Offering both conventional and intelligent solutions, we design and manufacture Motor Control Centres that suit your plant and its systems.

  • Wiring

    Each assembly is built to comply with client and plant specifications along with any national or international standards required in addition to BS EN 60439-1:1999 compliance.

  • Control Room

    Constructed from Form 1 through to Form 4, MCCs can be configured to provide front or rear access or a combination of both, and incoming cable entry can be top, bottom or a combination of both.

Motor Control Centres and LV Assemblies

Designed and built in our UK factory, our range of MCCs and LV assemblies enjoy a well-deserved reputation for quality and longevity.

All our products comply with the latest relevant British and European standards, including BS EN 61439 which is mandatory from November 2014.

For further information, please see our dedicated pages; MCCs and LV Assemblies.