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  • Engineering

    We have the equipment, software, monitoring and expertise to optimise any pump system, ensuring your system is performing to its best while maximising cost savings.

  • Control Room

    Boulting has the specialist in-house capabilities to deliver a complete solution for the design, modification, installation and validation of pump systems.

  • Engineering

    We provide consultancy and supply for the engineering specification of pumps in critical or complex systems that require performance guarantees from the supplier.

Pump System Optimisation

Using a holistic approach to pumping components, our experts are able to analyse the system as a whole, clearly identifying where savings can be made in kWh and expected return on investment. Using our approach of listening carefully, thinking creatively and adding value to your business, recommendations are implemented and savings monitored. Uniquely, we can deliver all aspects of even the most demanding project and are independent pump manufacturers.

The Boulting Pump Management team has the specialist knowledge and capabilities to deliver a complete solution.

Independent Technical Consultancy; Pump Systems

We provide independent technical consultancy to our clients. These include major UK and international water companies, together with government agencies for pumps and systems.

  • Strategic AMP planning for energy efficiency
  • Feasibility assessment of pump systems
  • Pump station upgrades
  • System surveys
  • Energy budgeting
  • Project scope definition
Pump System Efficiency Modelling

We offer full system modelling from ‘source to tap’, enabling fully optimised water supply pump systems.

Pump and System Efficiency Testing

Our experienced pump and system test engineers use high accuracy equipment for efficiency testing and analysis of pump system performance.

  • Thermodynamic testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Combined testing
  • Full analysis and report

Pump System Optimisation (PSOp) Software

Boulting PSOp software uses all the pump and system characteristics available to enable control of all pumps to their maximum efficiency. Our PSOp software ensures that client’s demands are met at the lowest Specific Energy Consumption(SEC- kWh/Ml)

Design and Build

Boulting provide a fully integrated offer. With full in house design and complete mechanical, electrical, PLC and control expertise, together with complete CDM2015 capability, we can deliver the most cost effective and time efficient programme.

So, whether you require a full or partial upgrade of your pumping systems, we have the expertise and resource to provide the total solution safely, on time and within budget.

For further information, please refer to our dedicated webpage; Pump System Optimisation.